Organizations are beginning to recognize that their cultures are a source of competitive advantage. Our role is to assist in cultivating the best culture-fit for your organization’s business, and create the necessary support mechanism to ensure that this cultural transformation is maintained and flourishes. Your company’s culture is its engine. It drives how your company interacts with internal and external customers and directly affects business success.

The Phi Group emphasizes the importance of understanding a company’s current culture in order to facilitate the development of, or change to, the desired culture, in order to affect positive results. We will spend time with your staff to understand their personal values and goals, thus ensuring proper alignment with your business’ goals.

Our approach to cultural transformation is not simply theoretical, as we focus on tangible indicators of current and past performance and an analysis of pre-existing systems, such as reward systems, that influence culture and behaviour. Essentially, an organisation must thoroughly understand what it is, before it can become what it wants to be.