Phi is a seemingly irrational number (1.61803398874……) derived from geometry. However, upon closer scrutiny its spatial properties are unique.

Phi appears throughout life and the universe. Some believe it is the most efficient outcome from the interaction of natural forces. Others believe it is an unseen yet present sign of universal design. Others say that it is the signature of God, hence its other name – the Divine Proportion.

The Proportion creates a sense of balance, harmony and beauty and mathematicians, theologians, biologists, artists, architects and musicians have incorporated Phi into their work. Phi exists in the dimensions of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Parthenon, the paintings of Leonardo De Vinci and Salvador Dali and occurs naturally in the relative dimensions of plants, animals and the human body.

The Phi Group’s mission is to bring clarity, precision and understanding to seemingly complex problems and issues.